To the moon and back..

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To the moon and Back - wedding theme ideas


Spring is fast approaching and the build up to Easter begins in earnest with the whole country gorging itself on pancakes tomorrow week (12th Feb). Easter is a moveable feast. Ironically, the date is based on the movement of the moon. Here’s the science bit: Easter Sunday is determined to fall on the first Sunday after the full moon following the northern hemisphere’s Spring Equinox – noted ecclesiastically as 21 March.

But religion and science apart, don’t we all have a natural attraction to the moon as our nearest celestial neighbour? I don’t know about you but I’ve always had a bit of a fascination with the moon and stars. On a serious note, the moon connects us with everything in The Milky Way (not the chocolate bar, actual outer space) and the other galaxies that are beyond. The moon tells the tale of passing time. The sun, moon and stars that we see everyday connect us to every other living creature on the planet. Every man, woman and child on the globe may have a different view of the night sky as we orbit, but it is, none the less, the same sky we share. Not only that, we also share this panorama with every soul who has ever lived in history.

I hope a Moon theme will appeal to amateur astronomers, day dreamers, hopeless romantics and white witches alike.

I’ve created a Moon inspired board on Pinterest to go with this short blog.


1. Choosing a date

If you need help setting a date, let your inner druid run riot.

Monday ‘as gaeilge’ is De Luain which translates as day of the Moon, a symbol of new beginning. We have all seen the Man in the Moon but, did you know that many countries from Mexico to China see the Hare in the Moon? The moon in the month of May can sometimes be known as the Hare Moon. In ancient Ireland the feast of Bealtaine was celebrated during May as a time of rebirth on the Earth, in animal, plant and human world. This ancient tradition is probably the reason we adopt the Easter Bunny into our Easter festivities. ( like to find out more, have a read of this )

Choose a date based on lunar phases such as a seasonal equinox or a blue moon. A blue moon is defined as the second full moon in a calendar month; the next blue moon is August 2015.

Credit: Left: Blue Cheese Moon Painting by Michael Marcotte via Right: Hare in the Moon by Crouching Kitty via

2. Location

For a true Moon theme it would be ideal to be able to dance under the moonlight. Maybe a great venue with a garden terrace or hire a garden marquee or tipi.  Alas it’s a big risk living in Ireland, you better reach for the Child of Prague to keep the pesky rain at bay. If you want to view the night sky clearly remember that you will need a location far away from the hustle and bustle and lights……of town.

– Another ideal location to appreciate the full effect of the moon is near the sea, to watch the effect of the moon on the ebb and flow of tides chose a location near the sea.


for something different and completely nerdy:

– Host your wedding at an observatory. Blackrock Castle Observatory in Cork City hosts weddings.


3. By the light of the Moon

A great lighting plan can create an amazing space. This can be achieved by something as simple and inexpensive as candles, lots and lots of candles.

Create mood lighting simply for your wedding

Recreate the magic of moon light at your wedding reception:

– Pillar Candles, tea lights, mason jars and hurricane vases will make your budget go the distance. These can be bought cheaply from pound shops, IKEA or can be borrowed and begged from family members and friends. Create centerpieces and focal points by making little installations of candles around your reception area. Think safety first and to create interest vary the heights and shapes of candles and candle holders used.

– Luminary bags can create a real wow factor as they guide the way to your reception. Luminary bags can be D.I.Y-ed or easily sourced on the net. It’s a minimum input project with a maximum result.

– Similar to luminary bags are the slightly more expensive Sun Jars.  These create a beautiful soft glow and come in some great neon shades. My personal favourite is the Moon colour with its fantastic electric blue glow. These LED powered mason jars harness the sun rays to create a fantastic glow at night.  Think how fab these would look sitting on steps or surrounding a balcony. They are pricey to buy but you can find D.I.Y. instructions on the web. Remember you can always sell on these items through wedding blogs or the wonderful power of Ebay after the wedding, if you don’t have any further use for them.

– If you have a bigger budget, metres and metres and metres of fairy lights could recreate a beautiful starry canopy.

– Create a photo booth installation, where you and your guests can visit for some great photo ops.

– Ask your DJ or a event hire company to design a lighting concept.

– Plan a Sky Lantern Ceremony


4. Food and Drink

The moon theme can extend as far as your food. I have managed to find a few cocktails such as: Blue Moon Cocktail, Moonwalk and Harvest Moon but there are loads of space themed cocktails out there.

Most of the other food suggestions I have are dessert related. Create a mega dessert buffet with moon pie, macaroons, scoops of ice-cream, muffins or maybe a lavish cheese tiered wedding cake.