Bride Interview

Please take a few seconds to read our Bride Interview before hiring Alison to create your perfect wedding stationery.

Q. How long have you been in business?

A. Chameleon Stationery started in 2008. Since then Alison has been designing and printing wedding stationery on a full-time professional basis.

Q. How did you start out in wedding stationery?

A. I studied graphic design in college and started working in a print shop directly after I finished.

I enjoyed the work, no two days were the same.  You have to be self motivated to complete the workload to meet fast paced deadlines.  I soon found myself  responsible for  many of the party and wedding invite orders.

I enjoyed meeting people, sharing the excitement of the upcoming celebrations. As a designer I felt that I was allowed get involved with the celebration by designing the perfect invite to reflect the clients plan for their special celebration.

I always wanted to work for myself, so it just seemed a natural progression to start up Chameleon Stationery.

Chameleon allows me to be a graphic designer and  have fun doing it.  I get to work with some great couples, share their story.  It’s so important to get to know couples; it’s from this understanding that I can create invites that great parties deserve.

Q. We had a sneak peek at your invites and we love your work!  With so many wedding stationery suppliers out there, we’re finding it difficult to make a decision. What makes Chameleon Stationery different?

I always consider myself a graphic designer first and foremost. To me it’s important that not only should the invite look fab  but it has to be functional. This is important information for your guests, and it should be taken seriously. I think getting the detail right is important. This is also why I try to produce my designs in-house as much as possible. I don’t like sending jobs out, if I don’t have to. This way I can oversee all aspects of the process. When I do have to send something out, I try to work with the best, most professional printers and finishers I can find.

I love gorgeous paper. I’ve always had an unhealthy obsession with gorgeous paper and card.  I think choosing the right card can make even the simplest invite look a million dollars. The visible texture, weight and feel of an invite is something you notice the minute you open the envelope. It’s what separates a nice invite from a  “wow” invite!

I love to bring people’s ideas to life. When a client comes to me with an idea, it’s normally just a notion – it’s a photo or a memory they have tucked away. On paper I get to create a landscape where that idea can take root and grow. Custom designs are challenging, it’s so rewarding when you see how delighted the client is when they see the final order delivered.

Q. This sounds expensive. Can we afford this?

Chameleon Stationery offer a wedding stationery service to suit everyone’s budget. It starts with the C& C wedding statioenry range, which allows you to create a basic stationery suite for under €500. The Cameo hand finished invites offer the quality and style of the bespoke service but without the expense.

Yes, the bespoke service is more expensive. However there are a lot of bonuses that come as part of the service.

A bespoke design service this service isn’t readily available from every supplier. The bespoke design service from Chameleon Stationery is just that, it is tailored, custom created stationery for you. As the client you have full input into the style, finish and materials used in creating your stationery suite.

Whatever service you choose from Chameleon one thing remains the same, a personal and professional service. Packages from any collection of invites can be tailored to suit your requirements, so you don’t have to spend money on anything you don’t need.  You, the client are  always in charge of the purse strings.

Q. Who do you work best with?

I’m a creative person, so I guess I’m used to people not always understandng my creative point of view. I suppose in the past the clients I have worked best with have been open minded. Open minded to ideas, creativity and to having a bit of fun. My work is mainly the business of celebrating, so if a client can keep that simple notion in focus we’ll get on like peas and carrots. I guess my ideal client understands the value of  sending out  gorgeous invites.

Q. Who will not benefit from your help?

A.  Well, everyone needs invites for their wedding, don’t they?

But in all honesty, I think the old traditions of weddings are really in a state of flux at the moment. Couples are planning weddings that reflect their personalities whether that’s big or small.

Only you and your fiancee can know what you is right for you on your big day, if you think the kitty is better spent on the perfect venue, or the right food, or the right tunes, to keep the party going until the wee hours; instead of gorgeous invites, then I think this will be the right decision for you as a couple.