Alison Harney is the director, designer, tea-maker, finisher, and general dogs-body, behind Chameleon Stationery.

I started working in the print industry directly after I finished college. I soon found myself looking after many of the party and wedding invite orders. I enjoyed meeting people, sharing the excitement of the upcoming celebrations.  As a designer, I felt that I was actively involved in the plans for the party – I got to go away and create the invite. The perfect invite should always reflect the aspirations and spirit that the client intends for their special celebration. I always wanted to work for myself, so it just seemed a natural progression to start up Chameleon Stationery.  I packed in my day job in May 2008. Sin é.

Alison takes inspiration from the company’s namesake; the notion of the chameleon and what it stands for, is pretty simple, it’s one that everyone knows. For Alison (a designer/crafter), the chameleon is like a personal mascot for creativity; being able to “wear many hats” to complete a job gives a sense of freedom and freshness to every day.

Alison is based in North Kildare, about 15 kilometers from Naas in the tranquil surroundings of Coill Dubh.

My workshop is a converted outbuilding on my parent’s farm. It actually used to be a milking parlour in my grandfathers time. The stalls and feeders are still standing – I didn’t have the heart to take them out. I guess it’s what you call “shabby chic.”


Chameleon offers a nationwide service. More recently she has even completed stationery orders for couples abroad: from Georgia, U.S.A. and, France. Near or far, Alison is always up for a challenge and is looking forward to the possibilities of getting to work with more courageous couples from around the world.

Chameleon Stationery believe in creating invites that reflect a modern party spirit. The tradition of invitations was always quite formal, many have abandoned written invites in favour of emails, sms and, social media. Alison hopes that she can change the stuffy perception of  written invitations by  providing modern design and style that people today can relate to and have come to expect.

Chameleon gives me great creative freedom as a graphic designer, I work with very special clients, creating invites that great parties truly deserve.

Chameleon Stationery would be delighted to look after the design and printing for your party or wedding invites. Email or phone to have a chat and find out what Alison can do to help you. Consultations are free and are a great opportunity to see if Chameleon would be a good match for you and your wedding or party.